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We created the GTD-Q® in conjunction with one of the world's leading professional assessment firms. In less than two minutes, you will get visual results of where you fit in terms of the two critical elements of self management: control and perspective.

The GTD-Q is not meant to describe how you operate at all times. In fact, your levels of control and perspective can change as quickly as what you do during the day changes. Come back to take the assessment as often as you'd like. Take advantage of this helpful tool along with many of our other free resources to support you in your journey with Getting Things Done.

Please respond to the following statements:
My life is too chaotic.

I have a good way to track all of my things to do.

I'm working harder and falling further behind.

I feel like I am spending my time on the right things.

I know where I am going and how to get there.

I'm afraid that I'm not paying enough attention to really important things.

I have too many things on my mind.

I have conflicting priorities.

I have clear, well-defined goals.

I am overcommitted.

I am living the life that I want.

I feel like things are falling through the cracks.

I have a hard time finding things when I need them.

My email is under control and well managed.

The key areas of my work and life are in balance.

I feel like I am on the right track to reach my goals.

I keep up with my workload.

My day to day activities are aligned with my larger goals.

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